We believe home owners should be empowered to be responsible chief stewards – majordomos – of their home, their greatest investment. And we believe we can help.

We also believe owning land and a home is an incredible opportunity, and a big responsibility. We're focused on starting your relationship with your home on a firm foundation.

This starts during the purchase process when you have a short amount of time to look into the condition of a home and determine if you’re satisfied with what you're buying or if repairs need to be made or the price needs to be changed. Traditionally, this is challenging because during that short amount of time you need to understand all the information in an inspection report, decide what to do about the information, coordinate with contractors provide quotes for repairs and much more. It can be overwhelming!

We created Majordomo to help you make more confident decisions. To know what needs to be repaired and estimate how much it will cost. We do this with the Domoreport and Domoscore.

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