Our process for providing repair estimate pricing includes:

  • Reviewing and understanding the time and material costs (a bottom-up method) by price surveying local wages, material, and equipment needed to perform the work.

  • Surveying project costs (a top-down method) from local subcontractors and service providers.

  • Reviewing estimate and invoice pricing of recent jobs performed in your area for the exact same repairs.

Our pricing partner's team performs industry surveys on both time and material and project costs with more than 50,000 industry suppliers, contractors and service providers across the continent. Each month nearly 20,000 market surveys of randomly selected contractors, suppliers, and service providers are analyzed. In addition, each month more than 400,000 estimates from 500 markets across all 50 states are also analyzed. We care so much about providing clarity to you, that our repair projects are broken down into materials, labor, equipment, minimum trip charges, quantity, measurement, and quality level.

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