Like a credit score, the Domoscore gives you an overall look at the condition of a property. Plus, it provides the details behind the total number so you can better understand the condition. The Domoscore is designed as a self-analysis tool. So it's only as helpful as the inputs you give it. Here are some things you can do with it:

  1. Take all the information you've gathered and look at the bottom line of the condition.

  2. Compare the condition of two different homes.

  3. An inspection tends to focus on deficiencies; the Domoscore also highlights areas in excellent condition.

  4. View the features that contribute to, or hurt, the condition. Is it one critical system, like the foundation, that's failing, or is it a bunch of small cosmetic issues?

  5. Figure out the next steps with our recommendations.

The Domoscore is currently in Beta, so it's considered reliable enough to publish, but we still testing the prediction engine which will make the Domoscore more powerful after you've lived there a few years.

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