The Domoscore evaluates the condition of a home. It looks at the condition and remaining life on a subset of key features within a home, which, when looked at as a group, represent the whole house.

It's the same way polling companies, like Gallup Pole, are able to predict the sentiment of an entire nation after only talking to 2,000 people. In fact, it's possible to run into a new set of problems if you try to evaluate the entire population.

The same is true of homes. There are hundreds of little features that make up a home. That's the reason the score goes to 10,000 - to account for all the features in a home, and trying to look at the condition and remaining life on every single feature is a huge challenge. Trust us, we tried.

Unlike polling companies, we don't need to pick 22 random features. After testing the Domoscore over 2,000 times during a two year period, we identified 22 features which consistently predict the overall condition of a home when run through the Domoscore's algorithm.

The result is a single number that acts like a credit score for your home that ranges between 0 and 10,000. In general, Domoscores above 7,000 indicate a property is in great condition. In contrast, properties with scores below 3,000 are often in significant need of repair.

What this means to you is that the Domoscore is a reliable way to evaluate the condition of any home. You can try today, for free:

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