We use general 5 levels of condition. This helps you quickly figure out where a feature stands. We use this same scale consistently for the whole house's condition, different areas, and individual features. This consistently helps you surface issues sooner. Below is an expanded explanation of each level.

Blue - Excellent
This is the highest condition possible. Often these items are new, or operating as if they are new. It's as close to perfect as you can get.

Green - Very Good
This is similar to "like new". Perhaps it's older, but there's no sign of any issues. A simple test of "Very Good" vs "Excellent" would be: would you re-sell the item as new at the original store? If yes, then it's "Excellent".

Yellow - Good
The feature functions well and looks fine. There are perhaps a few marks and signs of normal use. Perhaps it needs little maintenance or cleaning, but it still has many years left.

Orange - Fair
This is an item you'd consider donating or selling at a garage sale. It technically works and probably has a few years of life left, but it's on the short list for replacement.

Red - Poor
A poor item is ready to be replaced. It's beyond it's useful life and/or broken.

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