Archiving is not deleting. Instead, it hides the Domoreport from your view while still keeping it visible to anyone else you've shared a Domoreport with.

If you're a real estate agent or home inspector ordering Domoreports for your clients, you'll find this helpful because now you can archive (or, hide) older transactions to make it easier to find the ones you're actively working on.

There are two ways to archive a Domoreport:

Archiving #1: The Top Of a Domoreport

Click the red button at the top of any Domoreport.

Once you do that, it's archived. Easy!

If you change your mind click "Unarchive"

Archiving #2: On the Account Settings Page

The second place you can go to see archived Domoreports is on the Account Settings Page. Click on "Show Archived Domoreports."

From there, you can unarchive any Domoreport. You can also archive any Domoreport from the settings page as well.

That's how it works. We think this will help keep your current workspace clean so that you can focus on the current properties you're working on it.

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