When using the request list, you can choose one of five options. It's designed to fit your negotiation needs. Let's talk more about each one and the thought process behind them.

Request Repair

Any item you want to be repaired. This will likely also require a follow-up inspection to make sure the work was done to your satisfaction.

Request Replacement

When you want to specify that an item isn't just repaired but fully replaced. For example, you might want a roof completely replaced, not just fixed in a few places. The request list lets you make that distinction with this option.

Side note: The Domoreport intelligently calculates trip charges when you request more than one repair or replacement from the same type of contractor. Learn more

Request Credit

Instead of a repair or replacement, you can request a credit amount. Once selected, you'll have an option to specify the exact credit amount. On the final document, you can choose to show the cost range, or not. That depends on how persuasive it'll be during the negotiation. ("The cost range is $500 - $1,000 and I'm only asking for a credit of $600.")

Accept As-Is

Let the seller know what you're willing to accept as-is. This shows how fair your requests are, assuming you're not asking for everything to be repaired or replaced. You have the option to hide this section if you think it'll be more persuasive to only focus on the action items.

Exclude From List

If you don't choose a request, it will automatically be excluded. This is so you know you've already looked at it, but don't want it seen in the final request document.

Make A Request

We kept the original "nothing selected" option as an option. This is in case you want to do some scenario planning, but then want to reset the request list.

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