1. Visit Majordomo to sign up as an affiliate and get your custom flyer.

3. Complete all fields on page. Upload your company logo and company photo. Company photo examples: Your team, you alone, you & your vehicle, or similar. The logo and image are for your custom Majordomo landing page, not the PDF flyer.

  1. This is where you will choose the price you would like your customers to pay and the color of your custom flyer. You can update these later in Settings.

  2. If the company name you choose is not available, consider a variation such as adding your city name after your name: ABC Home Inspections Austin

  3. If you don’t have a website, put www.majordomo.com

4. Click “Save and Continue to Payout Details”

5. You will be taken to a page labeled "Majordomo Payments Powered by Stripe". This is where you enter your banking information for commission payouts.

6. Enter your Mobile Number and Email. Click Next

7. Stripe will send you a verification code that you will need to enter. When entered you will automatically be taken to the next step. Related: "I can't verify my phone number with Stripe"

8. Enter business details including Legal business name, DBA if applicable, business website. Click Next.

9. Enter Payout details. You can choose your bank account or debit card. Enter the account information and click next.

10. Verify the information you have entered. Update if needed, otherwise, click submit. All information is securely stored by Stripe.

11. This will take you to the Majordomo Settings page for inspectors. Go to Affiliate Details.

12. Preview and download the flyer that will automatically be connected to your inspection, click on Preview and Download. Download the file to your computer as it will be needed in the next step.

13. To integrate with Spectora, you will need to convert the PDF into an image. You can do it by uploading the PDF file to https://www.adobe.com/acrobat/online/pdf-to-jpg.html and converting it into a JPG. Save the image to your computer as well.

14. To preview your custom landing page, where your customers will come when they click on the link in the pdf, click on View Your Offer Page. You can also change your logo or company photo if desired on the Settings page.

You will need the URL of your Majordomo offer page for your Spectora integration.

After you have clicked on View Your Offer Page, highlight the URL in your browser and, copy it, and save it in a text document for later. You can also keep the page open and copy and paste later.

15. If you need to update your bank details or would like to see your payouts, click on Manage Stripe Details and See Payouts.

Adding Majordomo flyer to your Spectora Template

The next set of steps will add the Majordomo flyer to your standard template so that the flyer will automatically be included with every new inspection you create.

16. Go to www.spectora.com and click on LOGIN in the upper right-hand corner.

17. Enter your email and password. Click LOG IN

18. Click on Templates at the top of page

18. Scroll two-thirds down the page and click on +Section

19. In the Section Name Type "Get Local Repair Estimates Within 24-Hours"

20. Select the Box Hide Overview Grid for this section

21. In the Optional/Included field choose "Included in every report"

22. In the icon field choose the wrench

23. Click Save

24. Directly below this section is Attachments. click on +Attachment

25. Click Add A New Attachment

26. In the field labeled User-Friendly name for attachment type Get Local Repair Estimates Within 24-Hours

27. Click on the box "Display as Report"

28. Click Choose File then find your Majordomo flyer file, select it.

29. Click Save

30. Scroll up slightly and click once on Get Local Repair Estimates Within 24-hours - just above +Section - so it's highlighted

31. Scroll to the top of the page and find the column labeled ITEMS. Click on the pencil icon next to GENERAL.

32. Change Item name from General to Get Local Repair Estimates. Item info should be checked and the Optional/Included field should be “Included in Every Report”. Click Save.

33. Find the column labeled COMMENTS just to the right of ITEMS. Select +NEW


35. In the field labeled name, change to Get Local Repair Estimates; Leave Format as Checkbox; Do not type anything in the field labeled Default Location; In the large box labeled Default text type or copy the text below:

Get Local Repair Estimates

Negotiate your best deal

Stack the odds on your side during seller negotiations with ZIP Code specific repair estimates based on your home inspection, prepared by industry experts.

  1. Highlight the first line of the text “Get Local Repair Estimates”.

  2. Click on the insert link icon in the toolbar.

  3. In the field labeled URL, enter the URL from your custom landing page that you saved from step #14 (it'll look like: https://majordomo.com/offer/<your-company-url>).

  4. Click the box labeled Open in New Tab then click on Insert.

  5. Click SAVE at bottom of the screen.

36. Under column INFORMATIONAL, Click Get Local Repair Estimates to check the box "Default to Checked?"

37. Scroll to the middle of the page and all the way to the right you will see a blue box labeled Add Default Photo. Click Add Default Photo

38. Click Choose File

39. Find and select the image you created from the PDF in step #13). In the Caption field type Get Local Repair Estimates. Click Save.

That is it! Going forward, every new inspection you create will include “Get Local Repair Estimates” in your table of contents and a Majordomo flyer at the end of your report. The Majordomo flyer has a link embedded in it specifically linked for your business. When your client clicks through, they'll be taken to your customized landing page. Then, when they order a Domoreport, we will automatically deposit your commission to your account.

If you create a new template, or use a different template, you will need to repeat steps 16 - 39 for each template you use.

At any time you can return to your Majordomo Settings page to:

  • Update your contact information

  • Change the price your client pays, which changes your commission.

  • Manage your Stripe account details and payout history.

  • Preview and download a new pdf flyer to update your template. If you make changes, you will need to update the flyer and images in your Spectora templates repeating these instructions.

  • View your custom Majordomo Offer landing page

Thank you! If you have any questions or need help with the above process, please reach out. We are here to help.

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