This is a term we coined to help explain where the Domoreport fits in.

During the due diligence process of buying a house there are two parts:

  1. Getting the home inspection: an inspector looks at the condition of everything at the property and writes a report.

  2. Reviewing the home inspection: understand all the information in an inspection report and deciding what to do about the information.

Traditionally, within 3-10 days after receiving the inspection report, it needs to be reviewed and prioritized. Then depending on the home's condition, you need to find contractors, coordinate contractor visits, and receive estimates from the contractor. From there you'll synthesize the data to decide what to do next, draft a repair addendum - often an ugly cut and paste project - and then hope to still have time to negotiate โ€“ all while keeping the seller interested in holding the deal together. It's a lot!

The Domoreport simplifies all those tasks. Instead, here's what you do:

  1. Upload your home inspection

  2. Within 24 hours access your repair estimates in the Domoreport

  3. Review with your agent

  4. Create a request list of repairs and credits for negotiations

As you can see, we dramatically simplified the second half of the home inspection.

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